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Roadblock is a skill arcade game. Block the opponent road before you are blocked. Free exciting
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31 July 2010

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With the exponentially increasing usage of mobiles as a source of entertainment and work related tasks, we are experiencing a remarkable shift from the use of computers for these purposes towards mobile phones and hand-held devices. Many of the cheap multimedia phones have Java based operating system built into them for functioning and due to large scale usage of these phones, we have thousands of games and utilities for almost every kind of Java based phone. If you often feel the need for entertainment on the go when you are not having a PC or other gaming device available, then you must have RoadBlock v.2.1 in your phone as this is really going to transform your simple phone into an addictive entertainment machine.

Wapfrog offers another application, RoadBlock v.2.1 from its portfolio of various exciting mobile games which you can download to your phone free of cost and get the real fun and entertainment when you are on the move. The game has simple 2D interface with white background and two fictional worms of red and blue colors which make the game for you. When you start the game, you can see blue as well as red points which protrude in a linear form constantly. You take charge of controlling the blue one and navigating it in such a manner so as to prevent it from hitting the side walls or in itself. Your target lies in blocking the space for the opponents red worm to grow and let it hit somewhere in the blockage before you hit anywhere. As you progress through the levels, the speed the game increases and you collect points as you proceed further through the game successfully.

RoadBlock v.2.1 is overall, an addictive game which can keep you involved for hours together in the challenge against the intelligent AI; leading it to score a decent three points on the scale of five for its overall gameplay experience despite being a simple and light application.

Publisher's description

The target of the game is to get as many points as possible. Your target is to leave no space for the opponent computer to grow before you hit an occupied cell. Use the arrows to change the direction of your worm and make sure you don't hit anything. Each successful round increases the level number and makes the game go faster. The score you receive in each successful round is equal to the number of points filled by your color multiplied by the level.
Version 2.1
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